Timmy Quirk



BOSTON/Newbury St.

Industry Experience

Since 1995

Special Recognition
Boston Magazine's Best of Boston" Woman's Hairstylist 2008

Advanced or Specialized Training
Former member of the Tigi Ambassador program
Former Sebastian Street Team Stylist
Current member of the Kerastase T.E.C.H. Team

Hair Cutting
A great haircut should last. It should never "grow out". When you leave my chair you'll look amazing. The next time I see you, you will still look amazing.

Hair Coloring
It's not the process, it's the result. Always!

Personal Philosophy

I use a zenful minimal philosophical approach to my work and my choices. I believe in many cases the media can be overly distracting to the client and consumer. Health and vitality are first and foremost on the scale of importance. I don't agree with the belief of the new thing being out there meaning you need to have it. I'm a product snob, not a product junkie.