Client Information for Salon Reopening

Effective March 5, 2022 the City of Boston has lifted its mask mandate.  While masks are no longer required in the salon, please feel free to wear one if that is your preference. 



To Our Valued Clients,

Effective August 27, 2021 a public health order has been issued by the Boston Public Health Commission for the the City of Boston requiring that masks be worn in all public indoor spaces.  Clients and Staff are required to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status, so please plan accordingly for your next salon visit.  Thank you!

The following guidelines effective May 29, 2021 remain in place: 

Client Check In and Out

Effective May 29th, clients will no longer be called on their cell phones to enter the salon and should come up freely to check in, with waiting area seating open.    We will continue to use contactless checkout, unless you request otherwise and ask that you continue to give tips directly to your service provider.  As both staff and clients adjust to the increased volume in the salon, these two steps will help to streamline the checkout process and reduce the number of people waiting at the concierge desk.    

Please be assured we will continue to be diligent in providing the many protections we have had in place since reopening in May 2020:

2 HEPA Air Filtration Systems operating 24/7/365

Hand Sanitizer Stations throughout the salon

Sanitizing protocols will continue to be followed

Door handle protection will remain in place

Acrylic Barriers will remain in place

Fresh Air circulation through open windows will be utilized when weather permits

In advance of your visit, please know that we are mindful there will be varying levels of comfort and ease relative to the new guidelines. Should you have any constructive input you would like to share that may help us to increase your comfort, it is most welcomed.  Once again thank you for your continued support, without which we would not have survived.

Marc Harris