Cindy Jensen

Cindy Jensen - Stylist
Brows/Makeup Artist


BOSTON/Newbury St.

Industry Experience

Since 1986

Special Recognition
In Style Magazine 2009: Beaut Winner - best salon service
Boston Magazine 2008: Best of Boston" - Best brow shaper
Concierge Spring 2006 : lash extensions feature article
Boston Herald 2005: Spring make-up feature article; Boston Globe Summer 1998: Wedding planners
Allure Magazine 1997 Directory

Make-Up and Brows
I encourage women to keep their brows on the fuller side if possible; in doing so it creates a softer and more youthful appearance. Make-up is very individualized - everyone's needs are different. One-on-one personal attention is the key to helping a client feel and look great. Considering a client's lifestyle and how much time they are willing or able to devote is vital to creating a successful look. It's important to show each client the do's and don't's of make-up, how to pare down on product, and the importance of the essentials.

Personal Philosophy

I have a simplistic approach to make-up: I focus on enhancing a woman's natural beauty by carefully crafting each person's look to meet their individual needs. I have a very keen eye for color. Creating a polished, classic, timeless look is what makes a client most happy and feeling satisfied.