NYC/Rockefeller Plaza

Located in the Equinox Sports Club at Rockefeller Plaza the international crossroads of business, media, celebrity and culture, offering full hair and nail services.


August 10, 2017   We are experiencing a service challenge with our Verizon phone lines, which impacts our incoming calls.  We are told this will last several days.  Presently we are forwarding all calls to our Manager's cell phone, which is not optimal, compared to our multi-line phone system.  Please accept our sincere apologies this inconvenience, which is not within our control to correct.  Any appointment related emails to will be forwarded to our Manager in NY, who will contact you directly to provide assistance.  We appreciate your patience.

To make or change an appointment, please call us at 212.767-1011. For general, non-appointment related questions, you may also contact us at our corporate office